a network exploring & supporting storytelling for change

About Vermont Story Lab

Who we are:  A network of Vermont nonprofits and individuals who have one really big goal: To explore and support storytelling for change. Storytelling is a fundamental skill for changemakers. Many of us are experimenting and learning in our own circles, slowly gaining our own expertise. Others of us don't know where to begin.

How we help:  This site is part of a dynamic community of nonprofit story practitioners that helps each other access storytelling resources, develop skills, improve communications, build community, collaborate across sectors, raise funds and make change.  We want to build reciprocal apprenticeships where we are all experts and apprentices to each other.

What is here:

  • THE LAB -- "How I did this" stories. Finished stories plus backstories of how the projects came together and to what effect.
  • DRAFTS -- Feedback area. Members seek feedback on unfinished stories. Plus a HELPDESK for quick questions. (This content only visible to those who are logged in.)
  • RESOURCES -- Outside resources on new technology, tips and techniques.
    • PEOPLE -- Vermont nonprofit storytellers willing to help peers.
    • EVENTS -- Upcoming storytelling events.
  • SHOWCASE -- Powerful stories created by Vermont nonprofits and individuals.
  • GROUPS -- Still under construction. Check back soon!


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Many thanks to the Vermont Community Foundation for supporting this idea.
Founding partners include: Preservation Trust of Vermont,
Common Good Vermont, Fran Stoddard Productions,  Community Expressions and Shelburne Farms