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Jun 28
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About Vermont Story Lab

We want to help.

We’re building a dynamic community of learning among nonprofit story practitioners so we can all access storytelling resources, develop skills, improve communications, build community, collaborate across sectors, raise funds, and make change.

To do this right, we’ve got to do it together, with you. We want to build reciprocal apprenticeships where we are all experts and apprentices to each other. Here's how:

  • Network Mapping identifying Vermont storytelling nonprofits and their connections to each other. Are you doing interesting work or want or want to learn more? Have a need or something to share? Let us know! ​
  • Regional Story Labs consisting of peer-to-peer meetings and hands-on learning opportunities in all areas of nonprofit storytelling.
  • Digital Resource Hub, where you are now, a BETA version of what's ahead: Interactive, inclusive, with a discussion board, an advice board, community blog, resources, groups and ways to connect with each other. More is planned.

What would you like to see? Do you have a general idea of what this could be? Or a specific need?

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