Abbie Tykocki
Burlington Telecom

19 Apr 18
Stepping foot onto a stage at the age of 15 turned Abbie into a story-telling superhero! Since then she’s acquired a BA in Theatre and a Masters in Arts, Entertainment and ...

Helen-Chantal Pike
Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging

24 Apr 17
I grew up in a family of storytellers who used poetry, prose and photos to create shared experiences, common knowledge, and an understanding of how the past shapes our present and ...

Becky Holt
Vermont Story Lab

24 Apr 17

Jason Frishman
Networks, Inc.

24 Apr 17
Stories create and shape the reality of our lives. For the last twenty years, I’ve had the honor of helping people to re-author preferred stories about themselves, their families and their ...

Gin Ferrara
Media Factory

21 Apr 17
Helping other people tell their stories gets me up in the morning. I am the Community Engagement Manager at Media Factory, and develop trainings and community events, and spread the word ...

Betsy Rosenbluth
Shelburne Farms

21 Apr 17
As Program Director of Vermont FEED, I take great joy in community development, engaging diverse populations, especially youth, and making things happen. I’ve helped establish the Burlington School Food Project and Education for Sustainability programs in ...

Fran Stoddard
Fran Stoddard Productions

21 Apr 17
I’m passionate about stories that motivate change.  As a media producer for Vermont Public Television, Vermont Public Radio, and WVNY-TV, I have been gathering and telling stories for many years.  As ...

Meg Campbell
Preservation Trust of Vermont

20 Apr 17
Having worked in the field of historic preservation for nearly 20 years, I came to understand the power of storytelling through creating videos about community preservation projects. I’ve created many short ...

Barbara Ganley
Community Expressions

20 Apr 17
When I’m not helping communities and foundations bring storytelling to their change efforts from Community Expressions or from here at Vermont Story Lab as one of the co-founders, you’ll find me writing short ...

Marybeth Redmond
Journalist, Educator & Consultant

20 Apr 17
I am a writer-journalist, focused on telling compassionate stories that spark social change and give voice to people without one. My forms of storytelling have morphed through the years: from reporting ...