Vermont Story Lab

Who We Are

Storytelling for change. That’s our clarion call.

We are a network of nonprofits and individuals with a common goal: to weave storytelling through the fabric of nonprofit organizations to expand our reach and impact.

We see ourselves as both experts and apprentices to each other, and place a high value on peer-to-peer learning with lots of experimentation sprinkled in!

If you’re looking to improve your nonprofit storytelling in a supportive community of practitioners, please join us.

What We Do

We host small labs to provide opportunities to immerse oneself in the art of storytelling, learn new tools and apps, write pitches and fundraising appeals, or delve into the ever-changing world of video production.

We also provide

  • Trainings for staff, boards, and organizations;
  • One-on-one coaching and storytelling supports;
  • Storytelling teaching series.

We have hosted three statewide summits — gatherings of nonprofits and individuals from across the state for a day of networking, sharing storytelling techniques and resources, and some skill-building time.

Why It Matters

Vermont Story Lab provides a long overdue opportunity for nonprofit communication professionals to gain professional development while improving connectivity with one another so we can reduce duplication, increase collaboration, and improve story angles to portray a deeper level of impact for Vermont.

Watch Mark’s inspiring talk at the 2017 Story Lab Summit.

Spectrum Director Mark Redmond Tells Tales for Troubled Youth

By Ken Picard of Seven Days

“What’s the “secret sauce” in Redmond’s success? In a word: storytelling.

 ‘If I can get the person in and show them and tell them what we’re doing, I think they’re going to want to support us,’ he said.

That narrative element runs through all of Spectrum’s newsletters and fundraisers. Every one features personal testimonials from current or former clients about how the organization changed their lives.

When Redmond shares people’s stories, donors seem to come out of the woodwork…”