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Making Bad Presentations Great through Story • Rebecca Sanborn Stone

Storytelling for Grant Making • Janet McLaughlin

Grant proposals should appeal to both the head and heart of the reader. Learn how the Vermont Community Foundation uses stories to connect with the philanthropists with whom we work. See ...

Collaborative Storytelling, Part 1: Questions of Power and Ethics • Ned Castle

Join Vermont Folklife Center researcher and documentarian, Ned Castle, for a conversation exploring how the VFC staff approach issues relating to power and ethics when documenting and/or undertaking storytelling projects with ...

Creating a Story Bank • Melissa Murray

Remember that amazing story someone once told that perfectly encapsulated the meaning of life? Neither do I. Learn some tricks for how to keep track of all the stories that best ...

Communicating a New Value • Cecile Green

Social entrepreneurs can face a huge storytelling challenge when they seek to market a new social good that lies outside of what people commonly understand or experience.

Collaborative Storytelling Part II • Ned Castle

Ned Castle, Vermont Folklife Center researcher and documentarian, shares two case studies of “collaborative storytelling” projects – with specific attention on how these projects, and the process through which they evolved, ...

Pix Tips: How to Take Better Photos to Make a Better Story • Helen-Chantal Pike

Learn 5 fast pointers that will improve your photos and add personality to your organization’s stock library.

Social Media Isn’t Free Anymore by Dr. Elaine Young

Learn how the algorithms behind Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are changing how many people see your content and what you can do about it.