Get started telling your organization’s story online and on video! Learn strategies for reaching your audience, and explore digital media tools that elevate and amplify your story. We’ll look at great examples, explore new media tools, and have conversations about how to best reach your community. You will come away with ideas, inspiration, and a basic toolkit to get started in digital media, or take your work to the next level. 

Bring your iPad, smartphone, or laptop to our smart classroom. We’ll also have some iPads for use during the session. While much of our training focuses on Mac/Apple, we’ll be talking about universal strategies and online resources that are cross-platform as well. (And if the above sentence is confusing, have no fear – we’ll explain it all!)

Workshop presenters:

Gin Ferrara is RETN’s Community Engagement Manager. Gin is also the owner of Spindle & Widget a communication services company, and is the co-founder of Storytelling VT, an oral storytelling event and community. 

Ross Ransom is RETN’s Education Coordinator. In order to make media more accessible to his community, Ross works with RETN productions, marketing, programming, and trainings.

RETN makes media and technology accessible for all students and lifelong learners to advance education and civic engagement. 

For more information about the content of this Lab, please see Gin’s post-lab Blog Post in our “What’s New” section!

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