Story Circles are a way to share what we’re going through individually while also bearing witness to the experience of others. VT Story Lab has partnered with the Vermont Folklife Center to offer this opportunity virtually to non-profit staff around the state to check-in and connect during this tumultuous time. Listening deeply to the experiences of others as well as sharing our own stories can strengthen our bonds and help us feel less alone. This will also be an opportunity to learn how to use Virtual Story Circles as a tool in your own work and within your own communities. 


  1. We will email you a link to join an online video conference
  2. A VT Story Lab facilitator will provide a brief introduction and overview of the story circle process
  3. Everyone in the circle will introduce themselves.
  4. Everyone will have time to share a story or response related to the prompt. There’s no wrong way to do this; share whatever is true for you.
  5. As a group, we listen respectfully to everyone’s story, offering no cross-talk or advice, only active and compassionate listening.
  6. At the end, we take time to discuss and process what we heard as a group. 

The Vermont Folklife Center has been hosting Virtual Story Circles as part of their Listening in Place initiative, which seeks to engage with personal stories to strengthen relationships and create a record of what Vermonters are experiencing throughout the pandemic.

Lead Facilitators: Mary Wesley, Vermont Folklife Center & Barbara Ganley, Vermont Story Lab

Level: Intro

Date & Time: Tuesday June 30, 10 am – 12 pm

Location: Zoom

Cost: free

Lab Leaders

Mary Wesley
Vermont Folklife Center

Barbara Ganley
Community Expressions