This interactive course will guide participants through the nuts and bolts of storytelling and focus on the most effective ways to craft and share their own stories.

We will begin by identifying the foundational elements of a good story and analyzing what distinguishes a compelling story from basic information. We will then explore approaches and mediums for sharing those stories, from interviews to profiles, annual reports to special events, and mini-videos to podcasts.

Participants will have time to work on a story for their own organization and take away an understanding of the kinds of stories that can help distinguish their organization, and the many ways they can begin to mine them.

Level: Intro.

Facilitators: Holly Brough, Shelburne Farms; Allison Cleary, St. Michael’s College

Location: Steele Community Room, Waterbury Municipal Center, Waterbury, VT

Cost: $45


Allison Cleary
St. Michael’s College

Holly Brough
Shelburne Farms